ACA 090: Student Success Strategies

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ACA 090 – Student Success Strategies On Course Syllabus Instructor: | | E-mail: | | Office/Phone#: | | Semester: | | Office Hours: | | Section: | | Welcome! My goal in this course is to offer you one of the most valuable learning experiences of your entire life. And I need your full cooperation to make it work! Course Purpose: This course is designed to help you create greater success in college and in life. In the coming weeks, you will learn many proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success. We will use guided journal writings to explore these strategies; and as a bonus, you will learn to express yourself more effectively in writing. You may…show more content…
This essay is your opportunity to write the script that will keep you On Course to a rich, personally fulfilling life! An “A” paper will … 1. Offer the writer’s personal definition of success 2. Demonstrate the writer’s careful consideration of five or more On Course success principles and/or strategies that he or she will use to achieve success. 3. Contain extensive support (examples, experiences, evidence, and/or explanation) for each strategy. 4. Show a commitment to excellence in preparation, including professional appearance and a command of standard English. COURSE RULES FOR SUCCESS! To create the very best environment for supporting your success and the success of your classmates, this course has three important rules. The more challenging these rules are for you, the more value you will experience by adopting them. By choosing to follow these three rules, you are choosing to be successful not only in this course but in your life. These rules will support your success in every goal you…show more content…
No form of disruptive behavior will be tolerated in this course. Disruptive behavior is defined as behavior interfering with the teaching and learning process. Any disruptive behavior will be addressed by the instructor and/or reported to the department head and Dean of Students. Behaviors viewed as disruptive include, but are not limited to: (1) talking during lectures; (2) placing or receiving cell phone calls; (3) text messaging in class; (4) viewing unauthorized websites (5) arguing with other students; (6) speaking rudely to instructors or classmates. Single severe incidents will result in removal from class until you meet with the instructor, the department head and/or Dean of Students. E-mail Account Every student has an official Wake Tech-provided email account which is to be used for all email correspondence with instructors and college officials. Some information (such as instructor to student correspondence, WebAdvisor registration information, and financial aid information) from Wake Tech will ONLY be emailed to this address. Instructors may decline to accept email from accounts other than the college-issued account. For more information about your Wake Tech-provided email account, please visit the Wake Tech student portal at and click on Support. You must wait 24

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