Personal Statement: Course Analysis

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o Over the past 9 weeks this course has prepared me for college and pursuing my career goals by preparing me efficiently for studying, reading, and writing. In today’s society you have to be able to communicate properly and understand how to use your knowledge that you gain from attending college. This course helps you to understand the tactics and steps you need to take to remain consistent in college and also how to remain stable in your career. What do you believe to be the long-term results and the value of completing a degree in higher education? Long- term results of completing a degree in higher education is having comfort in your career knowing that you have a high chance at getting the type of work you want because you have the knowledge…show more content…
How can you use the tools and assessments in this course to help you in your future courses and your career plans? I can use the tools I learned in this course for future courses by managing my time well. By taking this course I now have tactics and strategies to studying and managing my social life with my priorities. In this course I have learned what steps to take to study efficiently and read carefully to understand what I am reading to learn how to solve problems better. In my career plans this course helped with all of the activities in learning my skills and weaknesses I can use all the things I learned from those activities to help aid me in my future career plans. Goal setting is one topic I tried to learn more about it is one topic I plan to carry with me in my future in college and in my future career plans because I know that it will help me to succeed. In learning about this topic I have learned to always set realistic goals and to always make sure I have a short term goal to back up any long term goals I may have because I now realize that completing short term goals helps assist you to completing long term goals. Effective study habits

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