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Student Course Reflection Jonathan Thomas US/101 June 25, 2013 Gloria Bobbie I learned some good valuable material these last nine weeks. We talked about numerous of things and topics. That can be beneficial to all the students in this class. I am going to talk about Goal Setting, Time and Stress Management, and Effective Study habits. I will also talk about is getting a degree going to help me be successful in life and how can you use the tools and assessments in this class to help you in your future classes. As college students we should set goals the entire time that we are in school. There are times when are goals may change, but keep in mind are degrees can change also. First let’s define what a goal is. According to the dictionary online a goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed;…show more content…
What I have to do is find out what study habits are comfortable for me and use them. The first thing that we have to do is start out with a daily routine. We should also manage are studied time wisely. Don’t try to study too much material at one time. Create a schedule that will allow you to prepare for exams and complete course assignments on time. Be aware of “crunch times” when you might have several exams or papers due at once. (Garden, Jeweler, & Barefoot, 2011, P. 133) We also have to get adequate amount of sleep. It is hard to learn anything when you are sleepy and tired. We also should take breaks between are studying so we want get to exhausted or drained. We should choose a place to study where you can concentrate. That might be in your residence hall or at home or you might go to the library. A place where you cannot be distracted from. (Garden, Jeweler, & Barefoot, 2011, P. 133) We should also put are cell phone on silent. We also should keep all other windows closed stay off Facebook and turn your instant messenger off so you want be

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