A Personal Reflection on Reality Essay

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Some may define reality as not what is actually occurring but rather our perceptions of this world. Actuality may be considered the actual outcome of our actions, for example. I write this reflection to further ponder on this actuality or as some may still consider the reality of this world versus our perceptions and how it affects our happiness as human beings. Perhaps we are happy with life and its actual outcomes rather than what we hope it be like; magnificent in ways and we continue to strive for it, but for the present conditions we are in are rather sad. What if these hopes though are false and our perceptions become true or actual of perhaps what we would like our lives to be like, but in the end we feel something is still missing in our lives? Maybe happiness is clinging on our perceptions rather than what actually occurs in this world. Or perhaps this may occur at younger ages in life, say teens for example who have little experience of the world and its operations whereas others have taken a stronger grasp on the actuality and have become contempt. In that case, happiness for one may be a state of mind reflecting the actual outcomes of this world. But how far will the state of mind provide happiness if say one has doubts of the happiness actuality provides, when deep down the person wishes for a change, but may say it’s not possible because there’s nothing beyond actuality, and so is the attitude of “we take what is given to us.” That is, living one’s life in selected ways and then eventually accepting death, for instance. Perhaps there are other potential outcomes, yet our skepticism is blocking the view, or the outcomes may not seem convenient at first so we ignore them when in reality, there might be the chance that although certain possibilities require short term sacrifices, once we do the work and see our results, then perhaps the actuality is

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