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Joshuah Rondon 10/16/12 P.6 Occasional Paper Commonly, I come across issues with arouse interest, happiness, or anger inside of me. Hardly do I get too emotional, but one issue that really hits me hard is political correctness and the weakness our society is going through. Commonly, you hear a person make an insulting joke, or say a word that someone, somewhere, at sometime found “offensive”, and they are penalized for it. If they’re on T.V., there goes their show. If it’s a radio host, he can forget about that talk show. People today are so sensitive to words, no matter the true meaning behind them, whether they’re serious or not, or if they just encountered some type of miscommunication. It’s an issue everywhere; in the work place,…show more content…
In fact, just recently, I heard of two cases in a high school during graduations where graduating students were removed from the event because of “harsh words”. One student, the valedictorian, used the word “hell” in her speech. A simple word, with a thousand meanings, and seen as worse than any other more explicit word. Why is that? Do we not pride ourselves on the freedom of speech, teaching this as a human right to everyone from their days in kindergarten? Why, all of a sudden, are words just so meaningful? I feel as though this weakness could be in relation to our decline as a society; this country is struggling through economic decline, poverty, and political dissidence. Many people can see, at this point, the fall of America approaching fast, with its only savior being a miracle of some sort. This rational, or to some irrational, fear of a falling nation leads to desperate hopes to find happiness, and for others, an escape to peace. Political correctness and a desperate attempt to quiet “mean jokes” or “bad language” could be seen as some people attempting to make things better, but in reality, essentially make things worse. Not all people can be pleased at all times; some will be unhappy, and that’s a sad truth of life many people do not

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