A Homemade Education

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In Malcolm X's "A Homemade Education," Malcolm discusses his struggles with the language of literature. Being in prison, he explains how his interest and determination to be "able to read and understand"(717) literature led him to a freedom he had never had before. He leaped head first into reading while broadening his vocabulary copying the entire dictionary from which he "also learned of people and places and events from history"(716). As he followed the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, he became interested in black history and slavery. Due to slavery's impact on Malcolm, he became a minister of Mr. Muhammad’s; gaining knowledge that would lead him to fighting for African American's human and civil rights. Malcolm X, “A Homemade Education” is an essay from the book The Autobiography of Malcolm X. The purpose of this essay is to show how powerful reading and knowledge are. You should never allow your background, your situation, even your life style to keep you from bettering yourself. You can accomplish anything you set your mind on doing. “I not only wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t even functional” (715). Malcolm X learned this valuable lesson while in prison; when he first went to prison he could barely read or write. He wanted to be able to communicate articulately and to be able to read, so he taught himself. He used the dictionary and over the time he was in prison he copied the entire thing into tablets and then read it out loud to himself when he had finished he realized he had remembered a lot of it. He began to read books on various subjects especially the writings of Elijah Muhammad and black history. This is how Malcolm X began to have a love of reading and
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