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Knowledge Is Power Knowledge, as we know, can be powerful and because of this, the changes yielded by knowledge can be distinguish. The book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, is a story about a man who uses knowledge to make a change: Douglass escaped from slavery to become a leading abolitionist and one of the most important writers. It is from Hugh Auld that Douglass learns this notion that the power of knowledge can lead to the way of freedom, as Auld forbids his wife to teach Douglass how to read and write because education ruins slaves. Douglass presents his literacy as the primary way that he is able to free himself, and as his greatest tool to work for the freedom of all slaves. Throughout reading, many readers might think Douglass’s battle with Mr. Covey is a major turning-point in his…show more content…
It is the power to uncover the truth about the injustice of slavery. One specific example is when Douglass read The Columbian Orator. He first encounters The Columbian Orator, around the age of twelve, just after he has learned to read. As Douglass becomes educated in skills of literacy, he also becomes educated about the injustice of slavery. The Columbian Orator, a collection of political essays, poems, and dialogues, was widely used in American in the first quarter of the nineteenth century to teach reading and speaking. Of all the pieces in The Columbian Orator, Douglass focuses on the master‑slave dialogue and the speech on behalf of Catholic emancipation. “They gave tongue to interesting thoughts of my own soul, which had frequently flashed through my mind, and died away for want of utterance. The moral which I gained from the dialogue was the power of truth over the conscience over a slaveholder” (50). These pieces help Douglass to understand why slavery is wrong, both philosophically and politically. More importantly, this book caused him to discover the truth and raised a desire within him of taking action to pursue

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