What Is Malcolm X's Motivation In Learning To Read?

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Learning to Read Malcolm X tried very hard to educate himself because he wanted not only to teach himself how to read but he also wanted to be able to understand what he was reading . His simple reason for wanting this was his desire to write letters which accurately communicated his thoughts . Prison is where his curiousity occurred to learn to read and write. He met a man named Bimbi that had both street and book smarts. Malclom felt being like Bimbi would get him where he wanted to go. Bimbi was Malcolm initial movtivation. He was also aware of his very limited vocabulary . As a matter of fact , he confessed to being sort of inoperative in the English language because his vocabulary consists mostly of slang words and phrases . His very limited vocabulary was the primary reason for his inability to understand what he tried to…show more content…
He borrowed a dictionary and copied every word , page after every page , reading and understanding as much as he could while copying , at the same time working on improving his handwriting . He was able to do this because he was in prison and had all the time in the world . Later , he progressed from the dictionary and started reading novels by well-read writers of history and philosophy (Malcolm X .What Malcolm X accomplished could be done just as easily in public schools . The only problem will be how to motivate and inspire the students to do what Malcolm X did and achieve what he was able to accomplish . To this end , teachers should not only be trained how to teach but also how to motivate . Narrating inspiring stories just like Malcolm X ‘s self-education could very well serve the purpose .Work Cited
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