A Global Leaders Guide to Managing Business Conduct Summary

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A Global Leader’s Guide to Managing Business Conduct Summary: Throughout the years international business has become more increasingly difficult, which one would think that it has gotten easier right? Well wrong more and more guidelines are laid out each year, which cause multinationals to have to deal with this guideline and have to find ways to keep things at low costs but still work with them. The reading mentions different census’s taken as well as surveys taken that report regular employees feel the same way about their companies as more customers do and think things should change, but ultimately don’t think their employers see things that way. It seems that all companies actually believe they are being ethical on all standards—but very few companies actually have data to back that up. In 2004 that is when they set out to create a business-ethics index that companies could use to benchmark their behavior over time to help create a clear comprehensive guideline for the conduct of global companies. Some companies have appoint a chief compliance officers Relation With International Business: This topic is one hundred percent an international business issue, because its about the conduct of these business’s. Because over the past several years and the increase in different international business’s developing through out the world, different countries think there has to be more guidelines out there. This topic is taught within our text in chapter 8, the chapter discuses the future of the transnational concepts, the importance of growing and growing into a better MNE. I believe that this concept is used within the 8-2 reading as a big part, the idea of creating guidelines is in hope of creating a better future for MNE. My Opinion: In my opinion this is a interesting concept, I think in so ways it will be extremely beneficial for these different countries,

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