A Females Beauty in “Grande Odalisque”

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Sarah Bratton Bryan Wheeler ARTS1301 – Art Appreciation 23 September 2012 A Females Beauty in “Grande Odalisque” The artwork of French Artist Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres titled “Grande Odalisque” was painted on an oil canvas in 1814. On close examination it is easy to see many elements and principles of art and feminist mode of analysis, which helps present the beauty of a female body. Ingres’ portrays several elements and principles of art in his painting of a nude female to display his desire towards a female’s beauty. When examining his artwork, the viewer is directly drawn to the woman’s long back. This is the focal point of the artwork, since it is a lighter shade than the rest of the image, and it is the biggest proportion to the piece. The fact that the back is much longer than normal human beings displays disproportion, and was used by Ingres to detail the sensual part of a woman’s body. As you interpret the cloth the female is laying on you notice the silk texture. This texture was used to emphasis the soft and delicate feel of a female’s skin. The long lines of the silk cloth stress curved sensuality and feminism. The use of color Ingres uses is displayed by the deep cool tones of the turquoise silk curtain decorated with red flowers which intensifies the warm flesh tone of this art piece as well. The lighting compliments the color by bringing attention to the warm tones of the nude's back, pelvis area, and her arm. The piece portrays sensuality and highlights the true beauty of a female body with disproportion, focal point, texture, lines, lighting, and color tone. Modes of Analysis are used to analyze a work of art to assist with the interpretation to the meaning of the piece. The "Grande Odalisque" displays a deep meaning of Feminism. Ingres "portrayed the absolute truth of life through the "pure and simple" verities of antiquity" (Vignes). The

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