What Being a Woman Involves According to Heat Magazine (Content and Adverts):

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What being a woman involves according to Heat Magazine (content and adverts): In Heat magazine it is clear to see what being a woman involves according to the magazine‘s content. There are many different ways this is projected; through articles on interests, looks, beauty specials, film and book reviews and through its choice of adverts. In terms of looks, Heat magazine has lots of articles on how famous women feel about their looks and this reflects on the attitudes that its readership has. Women are conscious of their looks and it is talked about regularly in this magazine. In terms of appearance, Heat magazine believes women should be healthy and slim with curves. In issue number 567 (6-12 March), one of the main articles is about celebrities beach bodies and who looks good. Coleen Rooney features on the front page with the headline “Coleen’s amazing three-month body blitz.” (p. 15) This suggests that Coleen’s body image is a positive one and by featuring it in the magazine this shows that Heat feels women who read the magazine relate to this and agree with them. Charlotte Church is another of the celebrities shown in the article and Heat writes that she “showed off her curves” (p. 17). This suggests that people reading the magazine should follow her healthy attitude towards her figure, and that it is desirable to be slim but not skinny. In terms of interests, Heat magazine believes that women are interested in a variety of different things such as celebrity lives, celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty care, music, films, books, and television. They are all quite stereotypical, for example the majority of film, book and television reviews they feature are for what are termed as ‘girly.’ Most of the film reviews in Heat magazine that are awarded their five star rating, for being something worth watching, are usually romantic comedies. ‘Chick-lit’ books such as

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