Olan and Lotus Compare and Contrast

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Tunis1 Grace Tunis Mrs. Otway English 4 December 18, 2013 Two Women: One Household You do not get to pick your family. Sometimes you are forced to live with people you may truly not get along with. In Pearl S. Buck's novel, The Good Earth, Wang Lung brings a concubine, Lotus, into his household forcing his children and wife, Olan, to accommodate her. This creates many problems in their once happy family, causing personality changes, mood swings, and lots of drama. This was very typical in ancient Chinese culture and the story tells us of years that pass by in a house of two women. Living under one roof is very hard for Olan and Lotus because of their different and conflicting personalities, but their similarities ultimately bound them together on the same path. One of their very most obvious differences is their appearance. Olan is a very plain woman with a "square, honest face, a short, broad nose with large black nostrils, and her mouth [is] as wide as a gash in her face (Buck 18). Her eyes are "filled with some sadness" and are "small and of a dull black in color” (18). Her feet are not bound so they are considered ugly and shameful. Also, her hands were large and rough from working. Wang Lung thinks they are " big hard [hands], stiff as though [they are] dead already. Unlike Olan, Lotus is viewed as beautiful. She has a "small pointed face and round eyes, the shape of apricots"(180). In Wang Lung's eyes Tunis 2 "she was not flesh and blood but the painted picture of a woman"(180). She has "hands so small and bones so fine and fingers so pointed with long nails stained the color of lotus buds, deep and rosy"(179). Lotus has bound feet, which were found to be very sexually appealing in Chinese culture and showed signs of wealth and beauty. Another difference between the two is that one is a wife and the other is a concubine to Wang Lung. Olan was given

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