A Comparative Analysis Of Serial Killers By Ted Bundy

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1) There are many similarities amongst the serial killers we’ve seen and learned about in class. Primarily, it seems as though they have no morals; they lack compassion and kindness. Serial killers don’t have a standard personality. They aren’t rational or reasonable, and they all exhibit no clear motive for killing. The videos showed me that these serial killers have no structure in their personality; they are all over the place, constantly changing their emotions and feelings. Also, none of them are honest, and it is impossible to learn the truth from any of them. It also seems like they are addicted to killing. They aren’t just killing out of revenge or for any reason at all; it is a habit that they cannot…show more content…
A deviant is simply someone who goes against the norms/values of society. If you abuse illegal drugs, you can be considered a social deviant. If you even spit on the street, you can be considered a deviant. Deviance is found all over society. Some cases are obviously more severe than others. A serial killer can be considered severely deviant. Ted Bundy, by targeting, raping, and proceeding to kill countless women can be considered a deviant. He can also be considered insane. Bundy could never make up his mind. Every other minute his stories changed. Sometimes he’d admit to killing the women, and he’d admit it with a smile on his face. Other times, he’d deny it completely. Bundy seemed like a decent man on the outside. He lived like a normal person, talked like a normal person, and acted like a normal person but he had a secret obsession for killing. He claimed a voice in his head would tell him to kill and he couldn’t help it; the voice controlled him. This doesn’t exactly make him…show more content…
Aileen had passed the point of insanity. She truly believed that she did nothing wrong and that she killed in self-defense. She believed the cops set her up as well. She also stated how her victims threatened her, etc. Aileen should’ve not been executed; she should’ve been taken to a mental institution. Aileen didn’t feel like she deserved to die; she could not see why she was to be killed. Criminally insane people, by law, cannot be convicted of a crime. Anyone could’ve agreed that she was criminally insane. It wasn’t hard to tell. Thus, she was wrongly executed according to the

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