How Violence In Entertainment Affects Our Society

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How violence in entertainment affects our society by Andrew Bogucki This was a paper that I wrote for school pertaining to the topic of violence in entertainment. Excessive violence in movies has become a popular trend with Hollywood directors lately. Vivian C. Sobchack, author of "The Postmorbid Condition," wrote "Instead of caressing violence, the cinema has become increasingly careless about it: either merely nonchalant or deeply lacking in care."(Sobchack 378) The violence displayed in these movies, such as the Kill Bill series, attracts a large audience worldwide because the viewers are guaranteed to see adrenaline pumping action and gore. Thane Peterson, author of "Too Much Kill in the Kill Bills," states "Kill Bill: Vol. I has grossed more then $180 million in ticket sales worldwide, and Miramax predicts that DVD sales will total $90 million to $100 million. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 grossed $60 million worldwide in its first two weeks."(Peterson) With new improvements in technology, Quentin Tarantino and many other directors are capable of creating and destroying characters in a brutal, detailed manner. These characters are created as if they were made on an assembly line. Many critics and viewers protest these movies because they showcase non-senseless violence in a repetitive fashion. Other violent movies, such as The Passion of Christ, display violence in a detailed manner, but also offer a message of morality to its viewers. Violence in movies has always been a controversial issue, and author Vivian Sobchack concludes that these movies showcasing violence have no "moral agenda." The reality of the matter is a critique of violence is not possible and requiring that a movie should follow a moral agenda would simply limit the creativity and imagination of filmmakers. Freedom of speech allows each citizen the free will to express themselves and these movies

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