Flow Of Drugs In The Colombian Streets

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Drugs are an escape for many people to get out from reality. From a world that confuses consumers and indulges them in outrageous behaviors in order to fulfill their addiction. Society is acting with indifference about these people, and feeding them hate instead of understanding; in fact, the streets are filled with incomprehensible junkies. How can we make a difference for drug-addicts? Are our cities and our governments going to be able to make a change or at least reduce the number of consumers? The flow of drugs into our streets is getting our cities contaminated with thieves, violence and prostitution. The addiction for drugs creates a need that somehow has to be filled. In addition the effect of it doesn’t let the body work nor think in a proper way. Eventually after consuming an unhealthy, extensive amount of drugs, the person would not reason properly and will start to act with a criminal behavior. An example is stealing in order to sustain a standard of living with the usage of drugs. In conclusion, as people get closer with any substance that affects the normal body function and alters their reasoning and action in any sort of violent way, it would be considered a danger to society. When a person is seen with that type of behavior, the police should be obligated to assist them to a special organization that would rehabilitate them. In order to make a change in our community, there is a need to understand their problems. Additionally, there is a need to comprehend drug addiction, its causes, who consumes them and how it starts. The consequences of drugs are not just public offences such as stealing; they can also damage a community and not exactly be a public offence or an attack to private goods. An example of this sort of damage or corruption to society is the prostitution. Though prostitution is legal in this country, there should not be
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