A Career As A Fashion Buyer

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A Career as a Fashion Buyer The fashion industry is full of very creative and business savvy people, among these are Fashion Buyers. A Fashion Buyer has for a job to buy wholesale (from vendors or directly from designers) the up-and-coming trendiest merchandise for department and retail stores. Most of the times these are purchased up to a year or in advance to make sure these styles are secured. When working in big stores, like department stores, usually a Fashion Buyer is responsible for a category, i.e., Women’s Shoes. Another responsibility a Fashion Buyer has is the Past, Present and Future. A buyer must know what sold in the past, this way finding something similar to make a profit. Constant communication with the store (present) is a must to keep track of how the merchandise is moving, also to analyze sales reports to know of what to buy more of, or not. As for the future, a buyer is like a “fortune teller,” as Peter Vogt from Monster.com said, it’s knowing ahead of time what trends will sell and staying constantly well-informed about trends. A good Fashion Buyer has fashion knowledge and instinct, is highly analytical, has strong business and negotiating skills, is good in retail math and inventory and can work under pressure. In this career experience and education are a must. A degree in Fashion Merchandising is great, although any degree counts as long as there is experience in the field. An entry-level experience that looks good to employers is having worked as a sales associate because it shows that you understand customer shopping habits and how the business works. Another good move might be to enter an executive training program, like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus have. With these programs big stores train emplolyees and offer them entry-level positions with the company giving the oportunity to start and continue a career

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