9/11 Terrorism Analysis

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Ryan Williams [Manager] English 1302 29 July 2011 Analysis: Terrorism Terrorism has effected many nations including Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and also the United States. The United State was brought into this "War On Terror" the minute we were attacked on September 11, 2001. We have been fighting this war for 10 years now and we have continued to fight but can't win alone. Recently we have had countries such as Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan join our side to help us end these terrorist once and for all. Zahir Tannin, who is the afghan ambassador to the United Nations, stated that now three Southern Asian countries are now joining the U.S on the same goal of ending terrorism. Also bringing peace to their region. These four countries will come and work together as stated by the afghan ambassador. He stated that with Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan alongside the United States there is forward momentum going into their quest to win this war. These countries have kept their decisions in the best interest of the United States. When the U.S commander asked for troops they supported his strategy and his need for increased forces. They know that terrorism is not just in their region and not just in Pakistan and Afghanistan its…show more content…
But we soon realize that it is a global issue that has to be resolved one way are the other. It helps that the three countries are becoming allies with us and working toward the same goal cause eventually other nations will catch on and join. The nations will realize that this is a global issue that effects the world. The day when this "war on terror" is over is the day when world peace can be an option around the world. The world can't move forward when there is multiple people dying every day by suicide bombers, hijackers. Sooner are later the terrorist be up against the world and they will have no choice but to
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