In What Ways Does Canada Promote Internationalism Through Peacekeeping and Foreign Aid?

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Canada has always been known as one of the nation-states that believe in diplomacy rather that revolution in order to achieve its desires. It has a very good image and has established an international reputation. Canada believes that as a prosperous and developed nation-state, they have the moral obligation to help in whatever ways they can such as peacekeeping and by giving foreign aid to nation-states experiencing problems and challenges. Canada has intervened in many international affairs including the Rwandan Genocide, Afghanistan’s Taliban versus the United States and in Bosnia. Canada promoted internationalism through foreign aid and peacekeeping when it intervened in Afghanistan. Even before the United Nations took part in the Taliban-US conflict, Canada already sent a task force to Afghanistan. Canada helped its ally, the United States, and Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance to remove the Taliban group in power and to stop them from using the nation-state as their base for terrorism activities. Although the Canadian government took military actions, their main goal was still to establish peace in Afghanistan. Canada sent 2500 member of the Canadian Forces to help provide security for the people and rebuild Afghanistan. It may have cost a lot of money but it is a legacy for the Canadian government that they were able to aid and assist an ally and a nation-state in it quest for change and the removal of a terrorist group. Canada also took part in the Suez Canal crisis, a conflict that was seen as something that could possibly lead to a WWIII, by being the peacemaker along with the UN. In quest for the Suez Canal, Britain, Egypt, France and Israel had a conflict. When Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt, the United States opposed because it did not want to ruin its economic trade (oil) with Egypt. However, the US was also willing to supply Israel with

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