Afghanistan War Effects On American Economy Essay

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The Afghanistan war impact of The US economy The Afghanistan War is a result of the 9/11 attacks. The attacks were caused by terrorists, who were based in Afghanistan. The Taliban is a radical Islamic group and was the ruling government of Afghanistan at the time. The Taliban refused to allow the US into Afghanistan to capture or kill the terrorists, so we declared war on them. Because of this war we declared on Afghanistan our economy as a whole has taken a blow. Three years ago it was reported that the war had cost over 2 trillion dollars and now it has been reported that it may cost twice the amount it did then now. Today, America is focused on unemployment and the deficit. Both threats to America’s future can be traced to the wars in Afghanistan. In my eyes, we are fighting a pointless war, but then again in my eyes all wars are pointless. Spending for the war has stopped spending for so much more that America needs. People are spending less money and not…show more content…
He was found and killed in Pakistan. Although he’s been living in his compound, which is next to a military base, for a while, the Pakistanian government denies knowing that he has been resideing there at all. The compound he was found in was a very beat down and perfect for blending in. He also had multiple wives and after he was killed, one of his wives’ passports was found. What sparked this “manhunt” was the 9/11 attacks but this war effort has also caused a political uproar in Afghanistan as well. The Taliban, a baby Al-Queda headquartered in Afghanistan, want to violently push their own political agenda and have been continuously quarreling ever since. That aspect brings up a very important question, when will this war effort actually be over? Is it when there is political stability or a decrease in crime rate, or consequences for crime or better yet, a combination of all three? Only time will

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