9/11 Economic Impact

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Annotated List of Reference The Impact of 9/11 Terrorists Attack on the U.S Economy This source discusses the impact on the United States of America’s economy. It states that fact of the United States stock market and how the DOW movements changed majorly. The impact on the economical growth descended moments after the attacks as the economy endured a direct hit, in the public and private sectors. With this, the consumer’s confidence in regarding their spending was hugely impacted and sent the United States into a recession. This help s with my essay as I can use this information to help me prove my point; that the attacks on 9/11 destroyed the United States majorly. It helps me prove my point through an economical stand point, which is…show more content…
American’s can’t “pinpoint any lasting way in which the stunning attacks brought Americans together, strengthened our national character, made us more willing to sacrifice or even changed the daily routine for most citizens of the United States”. The shaky economy is still present today, the United States’ GDP accounted for about 23 present of the world’s outputs. Today that has gone to about 19 present. The nation is in debt, 5.8 billion in 2001 and now over 15 trillion in 2011 which is about 100 present GDP. People wanted a memorial for 9/11 but this will cost the country more money and that fact that it will put them even more under isn’t helping either. This article helps me cover some of the major issues within the social aspect. These point helps prove that 9/11 cause even more damage with the clean up and the memorial. US Foreign Policy After 9/11 This sources again follows the social change that happened after 9/11. Bush made terrorism, a huge deal leading to the major focus on the military. This changed the out look on peace times, being able to protect our home-front. They now believe in preventive action, in order to stop wars from starting. The rethinking our America’s allies really are, is a issues that is not a big deal. This will help my essay from a social and maybe political stand…show more content…
And 9/11 has everything to do with it”. It talks about a country “dying” to heal and move forward but with every step forward it takes two steps back. The United States are no where were they want to be, 9/11 has shown the world that with tragedy comes stillness. A country long for survival was hit with down fall after down fall. This proving my point that 9/11 finally pushed the United States over the edge, this helps with the Political stand point in my

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