Just War Theory

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Discussion 3 When discussing a just war it is important to remember what exactly a just war is. As we learned in class a just war has 12 conditions. For this discussion I will list the 12 conditions and discuss them as they relate to the war in Iraq. Just Cause- This asks the question “Did we have just cause for going to war?” Did we invade Iraq for the right reasons? Many people believe we invaded Iraq for the wrong reasons and I would have to agree. I do not think we invaded because we truly felt like we protecting the people in Iraq or trying to prevent future attacks. I believe we had our own political and economic agenda for invading. People will argue that we were attacked and we needed to defend ourselves. I would argue that we did not exhaust every possible scenario before we entered with violence. I understand why people felt like we needed to invade Iraq after 9/11. We did not want to look weak or unprepared. That being said, there were other options then invading and I think looking back that is pretty obvious. Competent Authority- Basically, was the war declared by component authority? The United States is a competent authority and has the right to declare war when they deem fit. They also gained the support of many other countries in the platform of “defeating terrorism.” Although many people will argue that many of these countries simply showed their support as a formality when many of them disagreed with invading, the fact remains the same; they showed their support and the United States has the authority to declare war. We may not have gone for the right reasons, but we do possess the competent authority to go to war. Right Intention-Was our motivation for going to war to effect justice? This obviously is an opinion-based question and it depends on whom you ask. In my opinion we went with the intention to prevent a dictator
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