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Military Spending (Rough Draft) The enemies to public liberty war are, perhaps, rather than dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; these are debts and taxes... known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of a few... No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of the war continues. (Madison) With the hate and power control between national governments and more localized governments in third world countries out-breaking in war over global supremacy, political ventures, and during the exploration for new worlds, all throughout history, there has been war. Because of this, our global defense systems in the US topple over the rest of the world with its advanced…show more content…
Huge increase in US military spending has been one of the factors contributing to the deterioration of the American economy since 2001. (Billions) What is confined to this disagreement with the costs of such a world power are the negative attitudes towards militarism in a more vague sense. Western militarism frequently overlaps by means of civilian functions disturbing attitudes to militarism in general. As a result, when revelations come out that some Western armies may have trained dictators and human rights violators, the reasoning given may possibly be quite astonishing. (Anup) As an extension of such aggression in anger towards our own government is the amount of jobs lost when our government considers that moving away from military manufacturing would not necessarily end in the loss of jobs rather a decrease for cuts in other areas. Committee on national legislation argues that the loss of the use of the reduction of military spending argument is weak: "it is true that interruption of weapons systems will cause loss of jobs in the short term, but unnecessary weapons manufacturing should not be considered a program of works (which would be as spending billions of dollars to the most holes...)" and the research shows that these works can be transferred successfully to other sectors. In other words, this is unnecessary and lost labor. (Perlo-Freeman

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