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Coffman_Adrianna_WH_7.08 1. What role did nationalism and alliance systems play in the outbreak of the First World War? Countries banded together to form the dual alliance, and Russia became threatened. Germany and Austria-Hungary formed an agreement that would protect each other from Russia.Great Britain decided to join Russia and France to form the Triple Entente. 2. What technological innovations contributed to the high death tolls during World War I? New technology was introduced to make armies stronger during WW1. This included the use of machine guns, tanks, submarines, and aircrafts. The advancements of these technologies helped strengthen the war. 3. Following World War I, what attempts did Europe make to try to prevent wars in the future? The Treaty of Versailles was formed to have peace between nations. The League of Nations was established to bond countries together and to prevent another world war from happening. 4. How did the post-World War I Germany react to the world economic crisis of the 1920s and 1930s? Germany had to pay the cost of the war. This left their economy in debt and they fell into a depression. The Nazi party was the one of the strongest and finally became stronger when Adolf Hitler became their leader. He strengthened the military, and he eventually got rid of the constitution. 5. How did authoritarian governments emerge in the different countries of Spain, Germany, and Italy? Since the countries were in a state of depression, the government became weak, and this gave political parties a chance to rise to power. Mussolini increased military powers in Italy, and gained the favor of the people. He rose to dictatorship, and Hitler also increased military power. Later, Franco rose to power and ruled Spain. 6. How did Hitler use the concept of German nationalism to provoke a war in Europe? Hitler used the concept of

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