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Film analysis of {500} Days of Summer I have chosen to give my presentation in written report (600 – 800 word) Assignment: - The American film {500} Days of Summer relies heavily on its soundtrack. The songs I have chosen are: You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates, Hero by Regina Spektor and Vagabond by Wolfmother. You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates The main character in the story, Tom, takes the first step walking down the street when the first beat of the music starts. He is happy and has an up tempo strut like the music, his movement ,his body language and his facial expression display a “being on top of the world” feeling. There is also the sound overlay of fireworks which is not part of the song when the fountain erupts. Everyone around him is wearing blue. In the previous scene Summer, the main girl character, wears blue and that colour has clearly stuck in Toms mind. There is an overlap of the sound of a bird tweeting then an animation of a blue bird that sits on his finger, once again capturing the theme of blue which refers back to Summer. This scene is like a celebration of happiness, dancing in the street, impossible things are happening, his dreams are coming true, it’s like a fantasy. The words in the song are a great reflection of how Tom is feeling. They capture how he is feeling euphoric after being with his girlfriend and how she is making his dreams come true. When looking at the lyrics it says in the first two lines “what I want you’ve got and it might be hard to handle”. This is true about Summer she is hard to handle because she seems alright now but she changes. “Because I ain’t the way you found me and I will never be the same” is because when Summer found him he was lonely and loveless and now he met her she has changed him. When you listen to the lyrics it captures how everyone is happy, twisting and shouting when the

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