The Prologue Essay

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The Prologue In the poem The Prologue by Anne Bradstreet is telling us how life was being a woman in a Puritan society. In her time she has realized that in a puritan society women did not think of speaking their minds and to share their strong opinions. In the poem she uses her role as a woman who was in the society. She expresses her feeling and opinions about the society by showing humor and honesty. The whole poems started during the time woman were tending to stay quite. She wrote the poem to express her opinion of a female’s voice in the society. She speaks in a worthless tone. In her view women were not different than men. Bradstreet also shows identity for the Puritan men that criticize her work because men had more talent and skill, which come in handy in the society, but she sees that it’s unfair. For the men in her community she talks in stanza five, denying her writings, claiming Bradstreet’s works are “stolen”, or else it was by chance”. She writes in her poem in stanza seven, “Men have precedence and still excel, it is but vain unjustly to wage war,” in the beginning of the poem, stanza two, “Fool I grudge the Muses did not part, ‘Twixt him and me that over fluent store". These lines show that Bradstreet felt that it was not fair because men and women had different roles. Ruiz 2 During the time women had to stay home and take care of the house hold things, meanwhile men did the labor, which Bradstreet wants men and women to have the same rights. Evidently, her being put down on her writing mad her mad. "The Prologue” mocks Bradstreet’s own personal thoughts and emotions. She uses the different characters like, Great Batas, the Muses, “sweet tongued Greek,” the writer and legend, Calliope’s child, Greeks, “high flown quills,” nature, and school boy to show what she feels. She uses these characters to compare, contrast, and show on her emotion. In
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