Who Is More Dominant?

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Anthony Acosta Who is More Dominant? The Film (500) Days of Summer examines and influences the unorthodox behaviors’ of an independent woman and a dependent male have on the typical male-dominated society. This film reinforces the stereotypical roles between a male and female placed by society by making the male more dominant. The relationship between Tom and Summer is about them both having completely different perspectives on what love is, but as it the movie goes on both their view on love begin to change and the end up having the opposite ideas. They both end up living up to the male and female stereotype which was how it always has been. Women have been subconsciously been put into a certain role with society, which are expected for them to follow. A women within society is usually perceived as a tool or object to man. As Summer goes around places, she seems to be able to catch the eyes of every single guy as she walks by them, “18.4 double takes” ((500) Days of Summer). This shows how she is able to attract every single male no matter where she is. Henceforth, it puts more emphasis on how a woman is backed up to carry out the “male desire” (Lancaster 124). She becomes what every single male out there is looking for and embodies their “fantasy, like a porno star” (Lancaster 124). Summer likes to be independent and can survive by herself. “You don’t believe that a woman could enjoy being free and independent” ((500) Days of Summer). She is saying that women can also be by themselves and survive without having a man to do everything for them. It shows that she is fighting to have the same equality as men do and wants to be treated just like they do. Men and women are completely different from each other and will at times not share the same point of view and disagree. Throughout the movie, it is seen that Tom is trying to seek love through having

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