Discrimination Among Women

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In today’s day and age women face a lot of discrimination from men. According to Steckley, discrimination is, acts by which individuals are differentially rewarded or punished based on their membership in a social group defined by class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and so on. (410) In Nelsen’s book he talks about a specific party scene that is designed for women and only women. This type of party is a tool party, but tools for women. It’s a place where women are allowed to go and learn about what is said by society as to be a ‘man’s thing’. This party provides women with tools that are ‘cute’ and with the information they need and want to know. Nelsen interviewed many women at these ‘Tomboy Tool Parties’ and most talked about the comfort they had that it was only women at this party. One commenter even said, “If it’s all women everyone feels more comfortable and can ask whatever they want without feeling like an idiot.” (Nelsen 39) We live in a world where women want to become somewhat independent from men. They want to know more about tools so that they are able to use them when needed. But women are so intimated by men, and scared to become independent because of the laughs and rude comments that the men snicker amongst other men. So this party scene is designed for women who want to become independent; it’s a comfortable place for them to learn more about ‘man jobs’. Another interviewee from Nelsen commented, “When they realize that the women next to them at the party also don’t know what a Robertson head is they don’t feel so bad [or] intimidated by wanting to express themselves in their homes.” (Nelsen 39) Women are so intimidated by men that they base their whole life around how the men will judge them. Women consider themselves lower than men, because they are not treated as equals. Gender role is a huge topic in Nelsen and Steckley’s books. Steckley
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