50 hours of community servis

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Dear, Student Body I’m here to notify you that all seniors must show proof of participation in 50 hours of volunteer services in the community. Without the participation, a student will not be granted a high school diploma. Some students may find this to be obscene but in reality it will be something that you may find enjoyable and may also be beneficial for you. In which it will help you become more responsible and giving to others. You, the seniors, may learn a thing or two about the importance in helping out the community, nature, and much more. As young adults you might find it helpful to participate in as much things as we can in order to learn and not only receive but to give as well. As seniors some of you might ask yourselves why I would do 50 hours when all I’m trying to do is finish high school and go on to college in order to get a profession. As you might guess getting money is not all the part in life and money is not going to get you everything. Responsibility and kindness is not something that can be easily bought. These are some qualities and morals that are learned throughout life little by little. As young adult you are now recently learning how to act and be responsible for yourselves and perhaps for others and possibly learn some ethics. Having these few hours, compared to the lifetime you have, in community service may teach you to be a bit more responsible. One of the ways you might do community service is by visiting a small daycare and taking care of young children. While taking care of young children you may figure out how hard it is to this. This requires many activities that may seem a bit tedious. Being in an environment like this may teach you to be a big more responsible to yourself and to others. Taking care of yourself while balancing other activities is a bit tiresome and learning to do these in an early stage might help you out
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