4-3-2 Technique in Speaking Essay

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In 4/3/2 Technique, the teacher lets students prepare their talk on a given topic for a few minutes. During this time, they just think of what they are going to talk about and do not make notes. Then they will work in pairs. Student A talks on that topic for four minutes while student B is listening. Student B does not interrupt and does not ask questions, but listens carefully and gives positive and encouraging non-verbal signals. After four minutes, student A changes the partner. Student A now talks again on the same topic to a new listener, student C, but this time he has only three minutes to do the same job. When the second time of presenting finishes, student A changes the listening partner again, but this time he has only two minutes to talk about the same talk. (Nation,1989). For my students, I may give them a little time to prepare what they are going to talk if it necessary. Besides, I may give them some vocabulary input and activate their background knowledge of the topic(s), and even let them discuss the topic(s) for a while before presenting. The reason for that is half of my students are weak and they really need help. Moreover, my students are allowed to prepare the topics as their homework to make sure that they are familiar with the topics and can present them confidently. To find out the teacher’s and students’ attitudes towards 4/3/2/ Technique, and the possible achievements of the technique, I am going to conduct some methods and activities as presented

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