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300 Movie Review In the movie, 300 by Zack Snyder, the movie begins by explaining how Leonidas, the protagonist, became king. However the main plot begins when a messenger comes to King Leonidas telling him to surrender to the Persians. Leonidas reacts by kicking the messenger down a well. THIS IS SPARTA! The death of the messenger provokes war between the Persians and the Spartans. The Persians are led by King Xerxes, a godly leader. After persuasion from his wife, Leonidas plans to put together an army of 300, consisting of the most brave and powerful Spartans. He plans to go to the Hot Gates location, where the Persian army awaits. There were no controversial things in the movie and the movie received great reviews. Much of the movie 300 was fictional. The movie itself was based off a real battle: The Battle of Thermopylae. (Hot Gate) However, during the movie, many of the battles that the Spartans take place in on the way to the Hot Gates are fictional. As for characters, things remain very historically correct. The protagonist, King Leonidas, is Leonidas I, king of Sparta. Known for his bravery in the Battle of Thermopylae. The film, being called 300, is also accurate because Leonidas actually had an army of 300. A difference between the movie and actual history would be that, though the movie made it seem as though the army only consisted of 300 soldiers, there were around 5,000 Greeks in battle against the Persians. Though the film is not a 100% accurate rendition of the actual event, it does a great job of showing the historical events. The greatest pivotal point of the entire movie would be at the very end. Leonidas removes his armor and seems like he is about to bow down to Xerxes. He then picks up his spear and throws it at Xerxes, cutting his face. Leonidas’ bravery had shown as he refused to bow down, and give up. Ultimately, 299 of the

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