204 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

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204 A1 Physical abuse signs and symptoms: inappropriate use of restraint, rough handling, force feeding, punching, slapping, pinching, kicking, biting even misusing someone’s medication is a form of physical abuse. This could lead to the person becoming withdrawn and quiet, aggressive or angry for no obvious reason. They could start to look unkempt, dirty or thinner than usual. There could be sudden changes in their normal behaviour and character. Unexplained bruises, fractures or the same injures happening again and again. They might want to be left alone or with a particular person. Sexual abuse signs and symptoms: Rape, sexual innuendo’s, molestation, touching inappropriately, not giving their consent or being able to. Being forced or coerced to be photographed or videoed to allow others to look at their body. This could lead to the person being withdrawn, their behaviour could change. They could blame themselves, regress and start bedwetting, contract an STI or even become pregnant. Their language and behaviour could become more sexualised. Emotional/psychological abuse signs and symptoms: this could be being shouted at, being sworn at, called names, insulted and bullied. Controlling access from the person’s family, like restricting visiting, no accessibility to a phone or post, their pull cord could be moved out of reach. This could lead the person to feeling confused and isolated. They may feel depressed, their sleeping pattern could be disturbed, they may lose their appetite and they could show extreme submissiveness. Financial abuse signs and symptoms: Theft such as stealing items/money from the person, bills not being paid and short changing, being pressured about wills, property, financial transactions or inheritance are all forms of financial abuse. This could lead the person to be unable to trust, they could feel angry, upset and taken advantage of
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