1.2 Describe with Examples How Different Aspects of Development Can Affect One Another;

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Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another; When it comes to different aspects of development there are many examples that can describe how it effects one another, some of these are as follows: If a child is less developed in reading, when it comes to children having reading time in groups, they may feel uncomfortable and unable to form friendships due to embarrassment and low self esteem. This will then affect their language and social development. This can cause the child to feel lonely and angry at themselves because they are not at the other children's level of learning. If a child doesn't like to share toys, this can cause a problem with social interaction as they will find it hard to form friendships. The other children will try to avoid the child that is unable to share, this can affect the emotional and social development of the child who is unwilling to share as they will feel lonely and neglected and even abandoned. If a child is overweight or even obese and they struggle to do PE at school. As they may not have the energy and could get tired very quickly. This can cause classmates to be annoyed with him for delaying the class, or when working in teams. This can cause children to bully them for it. This would leave the child feeling very hurt, embarrassed and he will lose his confidence and self-esteem. This will then effect his physical, social and emotional development. If a child is use to having there own way all the time, such as eating lunch whilst watching TV, when the child is at nursery and boundaries are in place this can cause the child to have temper tantrums and become angry. This will affect his social, emotional and behaviour development. As he will not understand why at home he can watch TV and eat on the sofa, but at nursery he has to sit with the other
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