1.1 Explain The Difference Between Phenotype And Genotype

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| Part 1 1. Explain the difference between phenotype and genotype? The main difference between phenotype and genotype is that a phenotype is the characteristics that are actually seen in physical form such as the offspring to have the same eye or coat colour as their parents. Whereas, genotype are the genetic traits that are inherited from the parent by their offspring although these traits cannot be physically seen. 2. Define Homology? The term homology refers mainly to common ancestry. For example although anatomical structures can carry out the same functions in different species such as the function of movement due to ancestral traits such as limb skeletons in species. In this way, all movement structures had to be evolved…show more content…
The advantage of this is so that a number of offspring can be produced from a single organism swiftly. However the disadvantages of asexual reproduction are that due to the swiftness of asexual reproduction there is not enough time to develop variation between the offspring so a clone is created in which case if the parent has a weakness that weakness is then passed onto the offspring. The first advantage of sexual reproduction is that due to sexual reproduction requiring two partners the offspring has more chance of variation as it inherits different cells from each partner. The advantage of variety in this case ensures the death of a species with a certain weak element and offers the chance of adaptation so that when the animal reproduces, the offspring will inherit the adaptive traits. Therefore, the advantage of sexual reproduction is that it creates an individual with a greater chance of survival. Although, the disadvantage of sexual reproduction is that a lot of time is needed in finding a mate and going through courtship rituals. It is also important that the species attracts a mate in the correct season when mating is carried out for that
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