The Influence of Heredity and Environment in Human Intelligence

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Modern society has developed numerous ways to evaluate human intelligence. The invention of the intelligence test (generally known as intelligence quotient (IQ)), has become the main instrument used for reflect the cognitive abilities and limits of a person. However, even though experts have found a common way used to measure cognitive abilities and human limits, they are not yet able to reach an agreement on which factors influence it. As Mandelman and Grigorenko (2011) have pointed out, it often becomes problematic to discern the relation between hereditary and environmental characteristics in human behaviour. Psychogenetics, also called behaviour genetics, studies the influence and interaction of genes in determining abilities and disabilities in humans. In contrast, environmental theory asserts that human behaviour is not a consequence of genetic elements but a result of experiences. It is difficult to decide whether nature ("genetics") or nurture ("environment") strongly affect human behavioural aspects, such as personality and intelligence. This assignment will review scientific studies regarding the nature and nurture roles play in developing intelligence. First, it will briefly analyse how both genetics and the environment shape human intellect and it will conclude by evaluating intelligence as an intricate result of both. This section will look at some researches which provide proof supporting the hereditary of intelligence. The theory of nature influence argues that human intellect develops his mental ability based on his genes. Furthermore, researchers who defend this point of view completely believe that the environment has no part in determining human intelligence, but they claim that intelligence is a result of genetic factors. Galton in 1875 conducted the first studies supporting this hypothesis. Basing his research to the generally known

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