Zoo Is the Public Property Meant for Public Entertainment Essay

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In its basic form, a zoo is a property meant for public entertainment. Exotic and rare animals like pandas, bears, monkeys etc. are kept on display for people’s entertainment. Other than amusing us they do not provide any other useful purpose therefore it is inhuman to trap the animals and control them for our fun. Hence such human recreational activity must be banned as it has no important usage. Animals are a rich heritage of the society and they have equal share to enjoy the nature like we do. Furthermore, they are an integral part of the ecosystem. It is said that, ‘Once Animals are gone; Humans will follow them soon too.’ Sadly, in recent times, this old adage has been all but forgotten. We have no right to enslave these creatures and impose our wishes the way we want. We are oblivious to the fact that these animals are caged and forced to live in an artificial environment, it is very difficult for them to survive in such a habitat. They are deprived of space and natural fresh air which they enjoy when they are allowed to live freely in a national park or a wildlife sanctuary. If we think that merely feeding them daily and keeping them caged while depriving them of their freedom is a better way towards their conservation then we are wrong.In zoos animals are restricted to limited areas.This creates a problem for them to mate and breed too. (Note to Kofi: Sometimes, supervision by a well-trained authority is necessary for a nearly extinct species to survive…those kinds of places are called Wildlife Sanctuaries. So, focus on them being caged. ‘Well-trained Authority implies proper care, which is not given in zoos.) For instance, an incident took place last year in India where a rhino died in the zoo alone without producing its offspring due to unfavorable atmosphere for the rhino to breed. With its death, the world lost yet another individual of an endangered

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