Case Study: Humane Society Of Southern Arizona

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PHI 445 Final Project PHI 445 – Personal & Organizational Ethics Instructor Phompheng February 2, 2015 Humane Society of Southern Arizona In 1944, a group of concerned citizens in Tucson, AZ founded the Humane Society of Tucson (to become the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in 1998). They noticed a high number of homeless pets in need of rehoming. Under the organization’s first president, Mrs. Guerin Wilson, they opened a shelter whose purpose was to take in homeless pets and care for them until they could be rehomed. In the beginning they shared shelter space with Pima Animal Control, the animal control division of Pima County. However, it quickly became apparent that the Humane Society and Pima Animal Control had differing…show more content…
I believe that most people have a natural tendency to want love and companionship. A pet would be the best way to fulfill that need. A pet doesn’t make judgments about you, it provides unconditional love and it lives with you in constant companionship. Knowing that a pet could provide all these is very enticing. This natural urge could be taken to the extreme that one overindulges in pet ownership. This could mean owning too many pets, not properly caring for your pets or overbreeding your pets. All these overindulgences are the reasons the Humane Society of Southern Arizona exists. They are based on the idea of rehoming homeless pets, providing care for animals in need and reducing pet overpopulation. The opposite of this urge would be to not have any pets at all. One could desensitize themselves to the joy and love an animal could bring and not want to own one at all. This also compounds the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s problem because that is one less potential home for a homeless pet. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona has taken a stance in the middle ground. It advocates responsible pet ownership. They believe that pet ownership is a wonderful thing, but also view it as a responsibility to be taken seriously. This balance of pleasure and restraint is key to combating pet overpopulation.…show more content…
In this Memo Gates States that the internet is “crucial to every part of our business” and goes on to outline a strategy for Microsoft to not only enter the internet, but to dominate it. Following the release of this Memo, Microsoft began to expand into the computer networking markets as well as the World Wide Web. In late 1995 Microsoft released the Windows 95 operating system. Windows 95 came with the online service MSN and the Windows 95 Plus! Pack introduced the Internet Explorer search engine that is still a market leader today. These releases marked the beginning of Microsoft becoming a key player in the internet. In 1996, Microsoft partnered with NBC Universal to launch the 24/7news network MSNBC. Also that year Microsoft introduced a new operating system targeted to devices with low memory such as a personal digital assistant (PDA). This was the beginning of Microsoft’s expansion into mobile devices. In 2000 Bill Gates stepped down as CEO and appointed Steve Ballmer as CEO. Gates created the position of Chief Software Architect for himself. In 2001, Microsoft released Windows XP as well as X-Box gaming console. The release of the X-Box was the beginning of Microsoft entering the game console market that was dominated by Sony and Nintendo at the

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