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Zeus’ Other Side by Freeman Morgan Zeus is known for being the punisher of the wicked, protector of the weak, and king of the gods. However, for all his just punishments, he meddled in many affairs resulting in the anguish of others. In fact, for a god who punished people for breaking oaths and betrayals, he was quite the hypocrite. It may be from lack of self-control or simple boredom, but the ruler of Olympus was not wholly benevolent and morally right. Zeus was married to Hera, the goddess of marriage in an eternal union. While this was to show an archetypical marriage institution, it did not stop Zeus from committing several noted acts of infidelity. As if the disloyalty of the act wasn’t enough, Zeus also changed forms to avert his wife from catching him. In the case of Callisto in particular, Hesiod shows that Zeus has little to no regard for the consequences of his actions, specifically the torment it causes. Callisto had vowed to remain a virgin forever but Zeus deceived her by taking the form of Artemis and he was able to bring Callisto close enough to force himself upon her. This, like many of Zeus’ infidelities left Callisto with child and more tragedy to come. Upon learning of this particular case, as was common in the others as well, Hera enacted a plot of terrible vengeance on Callisto and her child. Zeus did nothing to mitigate his wife’s wrath. Nearly every case of Zeus’ philandering resulted in at least one illegitimate child to each mother and in nearly every case involving a mortal woman, Hera’s wrath followed. Zeus had to have known Hera’s iconic vengeance would follow in the wake of his betrayal and yet he committed the acts repeatedly, with abandon. Several of Zeus’ acts of indiscretion were tantamount to rape, as with Callisto, Io, Elektra and even Hera herself. For all his power as a supreme ruler, Zeus displays childlike nature in

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