Medea Vs Dido

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ENGL 2111 Greco-Roman Essay What’s Love Got to Do with It? The stories of Medea and Dido revolve around their intense relationships with the men in their lives and the aftermath of love lost. Both character’s failed relationships result in death, but their paths and conclusions vary tremendously. Medea, a character of Greek origin, verses Dido, a character of Roman origin, is a true match up of materialistic self-indulgence against repentance and self-sacrifice. Both women find love, commit to love, lose love and suffer from heartache. Each character’s reaction to these scenarios are far from alike. Medea, Princes of Colchis and practicing sorceress, falls in love with Jason of Lolcus. On the hopes that Jason will whisk her away from Colchis, marry her and start a family, Medea uses her powers to acquire the Golden Fleece for Jason and clear their path for escape. She is so intent on fulfilling her desires that Medea kills her own brother and manipulates the death of a king during their flight from Colchis. Medea refuses to let anything stand in the way of her selfish aspirations. In contrast, Dido is the loyal Queen of Carthage who never desired to love again after the death of her husband Sychaeus. She is forced to fall in love with the Trojan warrior Aeneas by the divine orchestrations of gods Juno, Venus and Cupid. Though her new found love intoxicates and causes her to forsake the duties of ruling, this is not by her design. Dido is a victim of divine intervention and she never intentionally wishes to bring harm to her kingdom. She even justifies her new romance with Aeneas by acknowledging the power and might a great Trojan warrior will bring to her city. Even under intoxication her core desires remain loyal to her people. After Medea and Jason’s successful escape, they land in
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