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*Topic: Medea has just cause to be angry and violent. Jason deserves our utter contempt. To what extent do you agree? ESSAY All the people in this world, none of them has ever been purely blameless from the beginning and not everyone is wicked from the original. As two main characters in the play “Medea” written by Euripides is Medea and Jason. The play is a classical thesis “an intense love will be the cause of bad things”. The play revolves around the time of Jason abandoned his wife and sons and how Medea revenged Jason. Through the play, Euripides shows his sympathy for Medea and her reasons to be angry. However, he also creates a model of Greek man as Jason that lead to the tragic deeds at the end. Although Medea has just cause to be angry, but does she really need to be violent and does Jason deserves our utter contempt? After all the ungratefulness Jason gave her, Medea becomes angry is very understandable. She has done a lot for Jason but he denies all and being unfaithful to her. In the play, Euripides has described Medea as a woman who “wild with love”. Everyone can see easily that with Medea, the love with Jason is the most important to her as she could kill her own brother, betrayed her father and her country to help Jason get the Golden Fleece. “I willingly deceived my father; left my home; …” “You had already murdered your brother at his own hearth…” Because of Jason, Medea - from a princess – had to drift to another place which is not belonging to her. Her family, her friends will never forgive for that, Medea doesn’t even have the way to turn back to her home anymore. “My friends at home now hate me…” Medea even earned more enemies when helping Jason. For examples, she killed Pelias and his daughters. “There I put king Pelias…” Through the play, Euripides shows that Medea is an obedient wife when she had borne for Jason two sons. She always tries

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