Leda and Swan

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Yeats’s “Leda And Swan” : Scandalous Myth Rape W.B. Yeats’s “Leda and Swan” is fourteen lines sonnet from great Greek mythology. Leda, wife of king Tyndareus was raped by Zeus, the god in guise of Swan. Leda was queen of Sparta. Leda gave birth to Helen, Clytemnestra, Castor and Pollux. Helen and Polydeuces were child of Zeus. Result of rape at same day, she made love with the king Tyndareous. There are so many myths about this story. Yeats has described this tale in the vague, oppositional and throbbing words. Yeats has presented the attempt of sex and Leda's emotions in first half while the second describes the moment of drama. Even though there are people who claimed the other words like seduce instead of force. But the god Zeus overwhelmed the power of a women Leda. Female are always integrated as pathetic victim of men for revenge, self indulgence and entertainment since ancient times. Zeus molester and made Leda his sexual victim. Yeats used the words like “staggering girl,” “her helpless breast” and “her loosening thighs” to reflect how pathetic Leda was? Leda was cemented in the circumstances where she was the lady abducted by the god (swan), yet she was unexpected to do that. In Yeats said“her nape caught in his bill,” reflects the situation that leda was forced to get sexually intimate by the swan. Yeats also described the manliness of swan using the words “great wings,” “dark webs,” “the white rush,” “indifferent beak” and “feathery glory.” the god Zeus was stated as beast. Yeats has represented the whole sexual moment in obscure words. The power of Zeus (swan) over Leda is structured in such a way that it seems an scandalous rape. “how can those terrified vague fingers push”states that as a women how could Leda stop the Zeus (swan)? Leda was caressed by the Zeus, she got the glory of being confidential and loved by god. Leda got the pride of
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