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Logan Crosby Honors American Literature A. Smith 1 January 2012 Literary Research Proposal General Overview 1. The author that this research paper will explore is Nathaniel Hawthorne 2. The two short stories that will be analyzed will be “Ethan Brand” and “Young Goodman Brown” 3. Both texts show Hawthorne’s repetition of dark settings and tones and superficial characters that are really evil at heart to expose the allegory that all men are evil at the core. 4. I chose this topic because of the noticeable repetition of dark themes, religion, and deceitful or evil characters in these two short stories. In Young Goodman Brown the characters appear to be honest, good people. All of this is overturned when it is discovered that…show more content…
Hawthorne along with many of his peers often focused his writings on evil and the darkness of the human heart. Each of Hawthorne’s short stories are mysterious tales of light and darkness, of good and evil, and the overall battle between the two. In Hawthorne’s writings darkness is used to symbolize the shame and the disgrace of sin, and the hidden life that many people lead. On the other hand, light is used to show innocence, purity, and exposes sin for what it is. All of the previously stated features can be found in “Ethan Brand” and “Young Goodman Brown”. These two stories both deal with the uncomfortable idea that mankind itself is evil at the core, that no matter who you may be, or how good of a person you are you still harbor evil and sin within your heart. Whether you chose to accept the fact is up to you. The characters of “Young Goodman Brown” attempt to hide the evil within them. They lead lives based on lies and are soon exposed for the sinners that they really are. Ethan Brand has come to accept that he is a sinner. He even embraces the idea with an open mind. In these two stories Hawthorne expresses the idea that all humans are sinners and contain some amount of evil within them, and that they either accept the fact or attempt to cover it up and deny their natural tendency to

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