The Price Of Arrogance (The Crucible)

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The Price of Arrogance Regardless of theological stance, most are aware of the existence of the seven deadly sins. These sins are considered the basis for a multitude of sins, all of which branch from seven basic wrongs: greed, envy, wrath, lust, sloth, gluttony, and, perhaps the worst of all, pride. Arrogance and pride are not necessarily the same thing. Pride can be arrogant in nature but, as “The Crucible” reveals, it can also be a saving grace should the proper motives be behind it. Arrogance in pride has the potential to ruin a man’s integrity, destroy his life, and even drive a settlement to insanity. Salem experiences all of the previous and more because of the arrogance of those involved in the Salem Witch Trials. Nathan Hale is one of the few men involved in the trials who had potential to prevent its tragedies from ever occurring. When Reverend Hale was summoned to Salem, he was quick to let his “extensive” dealing with witchcraft be known. Though he is more a man of God than Parris, he is not without his faults, and his faults will prove fatal. Hale carries a number of large books when he enters Salem, giving the impression that he is prepared for what he will encounter. The only thing that he was prepared to do was add more glory to his name. The fits of the girls, led by Abigail Williams, allowed Hale to easily be beguiled and manipulated, using his authority to ensure that all who the girls felt had wronged them would be punished. Hale’s senses return to him all but too late as the trials condemn those who are clearly innocent to a Satanist’s death. Danforth is a man of high esteem in Massachusetts at the time period in which The Crucible is set. If politics have taught us anything throughout history, it’s that men who have power tend to abuse it; Danforth is no exception. Keeping a record of how many he has sentenced to hang, Danforth makes it

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