Writing Is Not A Skill Analysis

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When the topic of writing is discussed, there are many different thoughts and feelings that arise within a discussion. Some of the thoughts that may arise include the following: what is writing, should writing be used as punishment, do we all construct horrible first drafts, and is writing really that difficult? These various topics are talked about in the following essays entitled, “Writing Is Not a Skill” by Stanley Aronowitz, “I Won’t Use Writing as Punishment” by Roy Peter Clark, “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott, and “Bonehead Writing” by Craig Vetter. Within each essay the author displays to readers his or her beliefs of how writing should be. Writing can be considered both an art form, as well as a skill. However, it is mainly outlined as skill. This is explained in the essay, “Writing Is Not a Skill” written by Stanley Aronowitz. Aronowitz begins his essay with the question, “Is writing a skill?” Writing involve elements that everyone must be taught. These elements include word choices, tone of voice, mood of audience, and much more. According to Stanley Aronowitz, “Almost everything else must be artfully as well as skillfully wrought, both with respects to its order and its rhetoric, for the object of the exercise to persuade others…show more content…
Maybe they just do not know anything about how to write a simple paragraph. According to the essay, “Bonehead Writing” by Craig Vetter, not everyone has the ability to bring forth a decent paper. All this time an individual has been told he or she is an exceptional writer. However, the individual has been shuttered away in a box not knowing the rules of writing. Craig Vetter insists, “It’s not entirely your fault, though: I know that. There isn’t one in a thousand teachers who knows the first damn thing” (37). Craig Vetter points the finger at administrators for the lack of knowledge when it comes to illustrating a piece of

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