Anne Lamott's Essay 'Shitty First Drafts'

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Ryan Lawson ENG-101 10-09-09 Anne Lamott has written a humorous essay describing the difficulties encountered by writers when attempting to write a thoughtfully composed work. When reading, “Shitty First Drafts,” several strategies were encountered regarding the successful composition of a piece of writing. Considering how writers work in reality, writing an unorganized elementary first draft, and blocking all pressures surrounding the composition of a certain work are all useful strategies when facing the difficulties of writing. The following paragraphs will describe the usefulness of these strategies during the complicated and often dreaded writing process. In her essay, Lamott emphasizes that both professional and amateur writers encounter obstacles during the writing process. She describes the inability of most writers to successfully write a completely composed first…show more content…
Professional writers can no longer claim that they do not encounter struggles while writing their works. Using humor and elegance, Lamott proves to the reader that the struggles encountered by professional writers are the same struggles encountered by amateur writers. In order to complete a composed work, all writers must consider the reality existing within the writing process, write an unorganized elementary first draft, and block all pressures surrounding one’s writing. Successful writers will make use of these strategies when facing the difficulties of writing. I have utilized these strategies during the writing of this paper and have endured the dreaded writing
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