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They Say I Say - Ch.1 Rhetorical Analysis The thesis presented by the author was that for a person to give writing a point, the writer has to clearly indicate what they are responding to and not only what his or her opinion/view is. Also, the author persuades writers about how to properly speak/write in order. The entire point of “they say, i say” is to make sure the audience knows not only what you are saying, but what others are saying. The target audience is beginner writers and/or speakers. The author makes sure to point out easy step by step instructions and tips for those who don’t quite know how to properly write. The author not only wants these beginner writers/speakers to learn how to properly construct a piece of literature but also to know how to keep their audience enlightened and engaged. The author’s audience is clearly beginner writers/speakers because they also provide the templates for struggling in this area of constructing a piece of work. The author clearly uses the rhetorical strategy of logos by using different sources and examples. Also he uses logos by personally analyzing each example and telling the reader how the person in the example could have improved their work. In a way, the author also uses ethos but ever so slightly. Ethos is presented through the author just by the way the book is written because the author makes the text almost sound like your just talking to a

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