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Gage Anderson of Rapid City, South Dakota is a prime example of an athlete that holds the skill ability of a pitcher and catcher combined. He has played baseball at Southwestern Assemblies of God University where he has earned “First Team All-District 14” as a catcher and “All-Golden Circle” as an infielder/pitcher his senior year. If someone was to ask Gage about the hard work and different traits it took to become this outstanding combination, it would be a tough question to answer because pitching and catching both require very different skills to be successful. The most difficult skills to becoming a great catcher and pitcher would have to be their throwing technique, defensive differences and flawless communication. Being a pitcher requires a…show more content…
The pitcher must have the confidence and skills to throw the various types of throws in order to strike a batter out. In some cases the pitcher is also an infielder because if the ball is hit in his region of the field, the pitcher has to act fast to catcher a pop fly or ground the ball and throw the batter out. The pitcher also has to keep a keen eye on the opposing basemen for if they get a far lead off of the base, he can get out of his pitching start stance quickly and throw the basemen out. The Catcher must be very quick with their movements and be ready to throw the ball to their infielders to tag an opposing team member if he is caught trying to steal the next base. Bases can be stolen and runs can be scored if mistakes are made. The catcher also has to be ready to catch the ball if the batter hits the ball straight up in the catchers region. Being fast and agile helps the catcher to be aware of where the ball is at and catching it to get the batter out. Being aware of where the ball is on the field will help the pitcher and catcher be ready to catch the ball if the opposing team member is going to try and

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