Worldview Biblical Essay

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WORLDVIEW ASSIGNMENT: A Biblical Worldview Interpretation Horace Kip Rollins Liberty University Course Title: APOL104 February 3, 2012 I. Part One: What is a worldview? Define what the term “worldview” means. In the book, “Consider”, Weider and Gutierrez (2011) state that the term “worldview” could be defined as “a person’s philosophy of life” A lot of truth can be found in that simple statement. Our “philosophy of life” is shaped by the many events that occur around us in our lifetime. It is also shaped by the people that have been our life. Our earliest influences tend to come from our parents and grandparents. As children, we watch how our parents interact with each other and with others, not only in a family setting but how they react to people they encounter in their daily activities such as work, or a social gathering. Here we develop ideas about how to treat others. We also watch their reactions to life events and listen to the words they use to describe those events to help shape our views. As we grow, we interact with others who may be different and that helps shape our views of people. For example, if we have a bad experience with a person who is Mexican, we tend to judge all Mexicans based on that event. The same can be said of how the media presents situations. We filter everything that happens around us and develop our worldview from there. It is not usually a foundation that is based on actual truths. For example, not all Mexicans are troublemakers. But because of our experience, we make that judgment. Each one must be held accountable for their individual actions and we should strive to not lump them altogether. A person’s worldview can be handed down from generation to generation. A prime example is my own belief that dependence on public assistance can be generational. Grandparents are on public assistance and then the parents find
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