Work Health and Safety Compliance and Auditing

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Work Health and Safety Compliance and Auditing WHS Management System – Activity 2 Report The scope of audit for the XYZ company’s WHS management system, took a risk specified approach that addresses matters such as major hazard facilities, confined space entry that involve inspecting and testing the present work premises control mechanisms. This audit took a focus into looking at the policies’ effectiveness and procedures while dealing with the identified or suspected risks. This audits scope was governed by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. To achieve this, specified resources and requirements for the involved persons to undertake this exercise. Resources required in undertaking the WHS management system audit included the most crucial aspect being the competent persons. For any successful audit, it is key to identify experienced persons who will drive the audit. Data storage facilities are the other major resources to be included besides the addition of the analytical tools where quantitative data is required. The audit process took the following phases; risk identification, response, reporting, recovery and post analysis, to assess the audit results and offer recommendations for procedures and or processes where required. Identification determines the variety of severity, type and causal factors. Response phase is directed to determine the most appropriate approach and chose actions to contain these risks or damages. Reporting is thorough on communicating the incidents’ specifics. Recovery process takes the major part of attaining the aim to the audit as it identifies approaches to restore the WHS management system and implement what would be approved. Finally, the post analysis had the task to assess the situation and draw recommendations as the last options. The WHS management system audited was a medium sized

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