Word Order in English Poetry Essay

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1. Word order. Word order is the term that denotes a special arrangement of words in sentences.Word order is the phenomenon common for all all the languages. Word order is the term that denotes a special arrangement of words in sentences.Word order is a vital aspect of a language which defines the meaning of the whole sentence.This function of word order is present almost in all the languages. Word order highlights the fact of existence relations between words within the sentence. One or another type of words arrangement indicates the degree of relatedness. The type of word order when the subject precedes the predicate is typical of the English language.[Smirnitsky;1957;10] This type is common for the overwhelming majority of statements and also for the questions where the interrogative pronoun acts as the subject of the sentence.E.g. Who knows? The type of word order mentioned above is called direct. It is essential that there are some exceptions to the rule.The language is a dynamic phenomenon which cannot stick to strict limits. Constant changes are peculiar to it. Thus in contemporary English inverted word order is possible, when the subject follows the predicate.[Smirnitsky;1957;71] E.g. Haven't you any family? However it must be said that such structures are relatively rare used. The most common case is partially inverted word order. In this special type of word order the subject is placed not after the whole predicate but after its part (usually it is an auxiliary verb).As a result the subject is inserted between the parts of the predicate. E.g. Never has the girl eaten such delicious ice-cream. In the English language word order is more import in comparison with Russian.It can be explained by the absense of inflexions in English. Inflections reflect the relation of the words in the sentence. In Russian there is a great variety of
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