Woodrow Wilson's US Foreign Policy During World War I

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June 28, 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated and all hell breaks loose, leaving virtually all of Europe ready to engage in war. The remaining Global powers take sides; and thus the Great War is born. World War I, as it is modernly referred to, enticed two main sides. The Central Powers consisted of the German, the Austrian-Hungarian, and the Ottoman Empires and the Kingdom of Bulgaria. Against them, were the Russian and British Empires, France, Italy, and the Empire of Japan, making up what was known as the Entente Powers. Also prominently known as The Allies , this group later included the United States of America. At the time, the United States was under presidency of Woodrow Wilson during his second term. It was a long period of neutrality on the United State’s behalf before the executive decision was made to enter the war. These same policies that led to US entrance in the war are directly related to those of which manipulated the post war repercussions. Woodrow Wilson’s…show more content…
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